Monday, March 26, 2012

Top 5 Nations that use Renewable Energy

5. Brazil, 5 percent of world total

Renowned for its biofuel production, Brazil is also involved with developing technologies such as solar water heating, and for relationships with countries outside its region, such as China. Brazil boosted large investments into the wind sector through government auctions for contracts since introducing them in 2009.  Brazil seeks to further renewable development and burnish its green credentials through supporting and attracting foreign investment into solar energy - as well as a pledge to have solar power in all twelve venues for the 2014 World Cup.

4. China, 7.6 percent of world total

China is the largest energy consumer and second-largest net importer of oil (as of 2009).  China is also the global leader in clean energy sector investment, with half of its financing in wind.

3. Spain, 7.8 percent of world total

Spain imports the majority of its energy, though in April wind power became its largest source of electricity generation. Spanish producers are also building turbines and installing wind farms internationally, including in the U.S. Spain’s clean energy market has been a magnet for investment over the past decade, though the Spanish government has halted subsidies for renewable energy investment as it is a debt-burdened economy.

2. Germany, 11.7 percent of world total

Germany has taken the controversial step of vowing to phase out nuclear power by 2022 in favor of other sources.  It is the only country in the G-20 economic bloc to project a decline in clean energy investment, partly because of being an early leader in renewable energy as well as competition from Asian producers.

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