Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Workplaces Are Ditching Bottled Water by Chris Penttila

Do you drink eight glasses of water or more every day? Yeah, neither do the rest of us because then we'd spend all our time in the bathroom and never get anything done.

Apparently, workplaces have caught on to this more-is-less phenomenon because global corporate expenditures on bottled water have slowed to a trickle. In fact, bottled water is now one of the least-selling workplace catering expenditures worldwide, according to the 2011 Global Consumer Food service Survey.

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But workplaces around the world are loving themselves some "hot drink machine" action. It's the number-one spending category for companies everywhere! And the vast majority of global workplaces love pizza, too. Well, geez, who doesn't? Via InfoGrok:
Similarly, the most used facilities worldwide were ‘hot drinks machines, with a high frequency of use in 90% of countries surveyed, and ‘on-site coffee or tea shops’, with a high frequency of use in 60% of countries surveyed. In terms of consumer expenditure, ‘lunch meals’ were identified as a high-spending category in 100% of countries surveyed; followed by ‘pizzas’, in 80% of countries surveyed; and ‘breakfast meals’, in 70% of countries surveyed. Conversely, ‘bottled water’ was identified as a low-spending category in 90% of countries surveyed and bottled water was identified as a low-spending category in 80% of countries surveyed.
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