Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pilot video for a series: Bill Scientific – “The Greenhouse Effect”

Let’s face it, high school science videos can be boring and ineffective. I like my science with a twist of comic exaggeration. So I decided to produce a video with enough humor to keep the students awake, and enough depth to challenge them intellectually.

This 30 minute video on the Greenhouse Effect is the prototype for a possible new series: “Bill Scientific” (I gave it a personal imprint to infuse some warmth and presence). Unlike introductory videos which attempt to cover a broad field of knowledge in a short time, the goal of this prospective series is to drill down into specific, but pivotal, topics in the physical and earth sciences.

Rather than just spooning out information, each program would be designed around experiments (the simpler the better) that can be used to illuminate and verify crucial scientific principles. Students will see science in action and gain a better grasp of the empirical basis for scientific theories.

Of course, future programs will depend on the response from students, educators, and scientists, as well as securing funding. The “Greenhouse Effect” was shot and produced on amateur equipment and software. Despite these limitations, I believe the final product faithfully conveys the intent of series.

Post by Bill DiPuccio, Science

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