Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Setting The Agenda For Global Green Growth Forum 2012

Today in Copenhagen, an key strategy meeting is taking place with governments, governments, global corporations and international organizations from Mexico, Qatar, Denmark, USA, UK  and Korea to pave the way for the second annual Green Growth Forum 2012 (3GF) to be held October 9 -10, 2012 in Denmark.

Denmark is one of the world’s leading clean tech centers with more than 1,100 Danish clean tech companies employing some 60,000 employees with an export value of 12B euros.

The meeting will address the vision, strategy and analytical framework for growth and efficiency of green initiatives and the international agenda around the following initiatives: Power system transformation, energy efficiency in industry, global water demand issues, bio-refining, trade, aviation and financing.

The international green growth in 2012 discussion will be moderated by Dominic Waughray, senior director, Head of Environmental Initiatives at the World Economic Forum with participants including Francisco Barnes Requeiro, President, National Institute of Ecology, Mexico; Sungbin Yim, Deputy Secretary to the President for Green Growth, Strategy Unit, Office of the President, Republic of Korea; Samer Frangieh, QNFSP, senior advisor to Chairman, Qatar and Graham Pugh, Team Leader, International Climate Activities, Department of Energy, United States.

Denmark’s Minister for Trade and Investment, Pia Olsen-Dyhr will deliver the opening remarks on Tuesday, March 27. Ms. Olsen-Dyhr is committed to Green Trade liberalization and believes the global society must find a constructive way to combat global climate change. Today in Brussels at the Foreign Affairs Council meeting on Trade, Olsen-Dyhr stated:

We should do more to use trade to fight climate change. Trade policy is a key instrument to ensure the spread of green technology to developing countries while also promoting growth and jobs in Europe.
 Written by Jennifer Hicks. Read more@forbes.com

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