Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Grey Water Treatment Filtration

Grey water is the wastewater in your home that does not come in contact with your toilet waste. This comprises of the water from your washing machine, washbasins, shows, bathtubs. This does not include water from soiled diapers, sinks of photo labs or even kitchen sinks. Of late, grey water filtration is considered as an environmentally responsible effort, which turns out to be lucrative to the user as well. By choosing grey water filtration over sending your wastewater down the drain, you help in the global effort of saving water.

Grey water filtrations are a cheap and easy way of filtering the water and making it ready for reuse. These filters help in sieving through the wastewater and removing impurities like soaps, detergents and chemicals, which could be present in shampoos and conditioners. Filters help in collecting and storing the grey water. This water can be used for watering your plants and mundane jobs like cleaning your car or cleaning household items. The same water can also be used for flush your toilets. Moreover, the same water can also be diverted to your washing machine as well.
Various types of filters are used for filtering the grey water.
  • Distillation: In this type of filtration, the impurities are segregated as per their level of volatility i.e. how soon the impurity can transform into gas. A good example of this would be the solar powered distillers that do not even use fossil fuels.
  • Constructed wetland: Also known as, wet-parks these types of filters are in actuality a kind of marsh or swamp that can be generated for myriad reasons like discarding grey water. Both manmade and natural wetlands can be utilised for other reasons like eliminating various objects and articles from water. This includes water pollutants and gravel.
  • Reed-Bed filtering: Reed-bed is found in natural habitats like estuaries and flood plains. These type of system need four reeds every Excluding the shipping part of it, the reed-bed is very cheap. The reeds must be submerged one meter under water.
Other than the above mentioned, the filter basket also works as an ideal filter than can be cleaned and used. It has a spray system that constantly cleans the basket and also assists in maintaining the unobstructed flow through the basket
Just as Idea design studio serves as an answer to design needs, the grey water filtration method serves an answer to water recyclability.

By Joel Cordle@Blue Living Ideas


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