Thursday, October 4, 2012

Utilizing Aquaponics Systems In Commercial Scale

Are you not familiar with aquaponics systems? These are simple ways that had already been introduced in agri-business where entrepreneurs come up with substantial income from this effective food production endeavor - involving the cultivation of aquatic animals like fish and prawns as well as plants like fruits and vegetables. 

Aiming on going into this venture, you have first to understand that aquaponics systems are divided into two concepts, aquaculture and hydroponics. This means that you produce two kinds of food in one environment or location.

As you try to discern the practicality of the aquaponics systems, it is suggested that you first try to assess the different benefits they can provide. You will be able to produce your own food on a small scale for mere family consumption.

On a commercial scale, this can bring additional income from the sale of the harvests. The produced food are very healthy as they are organic and chemical-free. You will not need to use pesticides and fertilizers for your soilless plants. The nutrients for the plants are the waste products discarded by the fish which are nitrified by the bacteria present in the environment.

• Adequately using the techniques of aquaponics systems, you can expect substantial profits in the business. Even novice farmers can venture into this endeavor. An atmosphere that has two complementing eco-systems must be built and with the right set up, you will be able to breed fish and grow plants. What it takes is just interest and minimal investment to set up the fish-crop environment.

• The amount of needed water is not really much. The water is cleansed and re-circulated within the aquaponics systems. You can initially fill the vessel with water and merely add a little to replace the evaporated water.

• As the plants are grown without any soil, there will be no tiresome work and since the system has sufficient nutrients coming from the symbiotic relation between the plants and fish, you do not incur any cost for fertilizers. Thus, the capital investment is minimized which spells bigger income or profit.

There is big prospect for the business. The integration of aquaculture and hydroponics will raise enough food at the same time. The wastes of the fish will provide the nutrients for the plants and the plants will filter the water to provide a safe and non-toxic environment for the fish.

To someone who is just learning the process, things may seem complicated so you should find a suitable location for the setting up of your system. The location will require sunlight. Other considerations are right selection of fingerlings for the fish and seeds for the crops. The fingerlings and seedlings should conform to the climate and temperature where the system is to be situated. Finally, you should be equipped with the know-how in monitoring the growth of your fish and plants being cultivated.

The emergence of many environment-conscious individuals, there are aquaponics systems available to suit everyone's needs. You will eventually realize that the profitability of hydroponics and hydroponics kits and aquaponics systems as a business can depend on several factors.
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