Friday, October 5, 2012

Blue Planet Network

About Us

Our mission is to exponentially increase the impact of safe drinking water programs for people around the world.

What We Do

Blue Planet Network connects funders, NGOs, the public and communities in need to improve the planning, selection, management and monitoring of water and sanitation programs.  This leads to more lasting impact at lower costs.

Our Results

The growth of our network and the impact it has had on the global safe drinking water crisis speaks to the strength of our approach and collective results:
  • One million people in 1,600 communities have access to safe drinking water and the chance for more productive lives.
  • 94 expert organizations working on water and sanitation access in 27 countries use our services to improve their impacts.
  • Nearly 900 member water and sanitation programs, representing $40 million, being tracked and improved on Blue Planet Network


  • 2012 World Summit Award
  • 2011 World Bank Water Hackathon Prize
  • 2010 Intel Environment Tech Award
  • 2009 California Association of Non-Profits Innovation Award
“I’ve seen nothing else like this network. It offers serious potential for improving transparency, information available to users, and the ability to understand what really works in the real world. This is a break-through technology useful for solving one of our most fundamental human issues.”
– Dr. Peter Gleick, President, Pacific Institute; MacArthur Fellow; Author/Editor, “The World’s Water”
“Blue Planet Network has created a real breakthrough approach, providing the coordination, information & evaluation critical for the success of water improvement projects. This community also provides easy access to best practices, helping water groups grow stronger & more effective through collaboration & peer review.”
– U.S. Congressman Earl Blumenauer, 3rd District, Oregon; Co-Sponsor of the Paul Simon 2005 Water For The Poor Act and 2009 Water For The World Act
“My strong hope is that other organizations see the potential of this network so that we all can do a better job.”
– Joe Madiath, Founder, Gram Vikas, Blue Planet Network member
“Blue Planet Network has transformed the global water sector through its award-winning technology. SV2 selected Blue Planet Network as its international grantee and will continue to support its long-term efforts.”
– Dave Meader, Board Member, Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund (SV2)

Our Story

Since our founding in 2002, it has been Blue Planet Network's ambitious goal to ensure that 200 million people in need gain access to safe drinking water. But gaining access to water is just the first step. Keeping it is as important.
In its early years, Blue Planet Network worked to build awareness and funds for water projects through epic undertakings. Blue Planet Run 2007, the first global relay run for safe drinking water, and Blue Planet Run: The Race To Provide Safe Drinking Water To The World, a powerful book that tells the human story of water through photos and essays, connected people around the world to the water crisis and what they could do to solve it.
Along the way, however, we realized that all the water crisis awareness in the world wouldn’t help if people couldn’t easily find great implementing organizations and water project plans, and be able to easily track the impact of their support. Likewise, the experience of those capable implementers would be wasted if they didn’t have a way to continuously improve through learning best practices and sharing their work with the world.
We saw that we could add real value to the fight for clean water by creating a scalable platform to 1) connect water project funders and implementers to create new, effective partnerships; and 2) manage the planning, funding, implementation and tracking of tens of thousands of water and sanitation projects for greater impact. We always work to be catalysts for positive change across the entire water and sanitation sector.
We launched Peer Water Exchange, our original online technology platform, in 2006 with five member organizations. This has grown into a vibrant community delivering real improvements to water and sanitation programs and projects around the world.
We changed our name to Blue Planet Network in 2010 to emphasize our mission and to welcome funders, as well as implementers, as members to help us expand our reach and collective impact.

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