Friday, September 7, 2012

Infographic: Where Is All The Water?

The first version of this infographic came from RainCatcher's Facebook page (the infographic is a little better quality there). The version shown here - the original - is from GOOD and Column Five Media. You can click on it to enlarge it, or view a larger version here.
Thanks to reader Ihadira Lopez for identifying the original source.
It's useful (although the print is a bit small), but it blows off groundwater by stating 'most of which is too expensive to tap into and filter'. Of course, that assumption makes the available water a small percentage, but remember - even that 1% of all freshwater equals about 335,000 cubic kilometers. Even if we take a conservative approach and halve that number, it's still a lot of water.
Right - those numbers mean little to most people. But they equal abut 15 or 7.5 times the total volume of the North American Great Lakesand remember - that water is mostly renewable although we have to worry about its quality degradation as we use it.
And we can still pump some of that groundwater.
And here is a PDF of some water infographics from the Blue Planet Network:

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