Tuesday, September 11, 2012


The AQUASTAT database provides information on water and agriculture by countries in the following main categories:

 -   Land use and population
 -   Climate and water resources
 -   Water use, by sector and by source
 -   Irrigation and drainage development
 -   Environment and health

The AQUASTAT database can be queried on-line and the query results can be downloaded in CSV format. The current database regroups data per 5-year period and shows for each variable the value for the most recent year during that period, if available. For example, if for the period 1998-2002 data are available for the year 1999 and for the year 2001, then the value for the year 2001 is shown. It should be noted however that for most variables no time series can be made available yet, due to lack of sufficient data. AQuestionnaire and Guidelines have been prepared for the updating of the data and country profiles.

arrowAQUASTAT online database View the database symbols!

In the online database a search can be done both by country and by region. The Regions File shows what countries belong to what region.
If you have any suggestions regarding the data or the user interface, please send your feedback to: AQUASTAT@fao.org.

Time series on AQUASTAT variable [4313] on irrigation can be found underFAOSTAT land resources by choosing the item "Total area equipped for irrigation". For other time-series related to food and agriculture see FAOSTAT home page.

Data Quality

AQUASTAT is committed to maximizing the quality and international comparability of the data in its main country database. In order to be able to correctly interpret the information provided by countries, AQUASTAT is using questionnaires and holding workshops to clarify some of the more complex data concepts. Materials related to one of the workshops can be found here.

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