Sunday, September 23, 2012

Agua para la Vida: Providing Potable Water and Sanitation to Rural Nicaragua

Since 1987, Agua Para La Vida has been helping rural Nicaraguan communities build their own drinking water and sanitation systems. As of this year, we have helped bring clean water to over 20,000 people.
Our projects include gravity flow drinking water systems,  latrines, community health education and watershed conservation.  This short video explains the mission of APLV. 

Our Mission

  • To help small, rural communities of Nicaragua develop and maintain access to safe drinking water. We do this by providing engineering, technical expertise, and materials for development of a potable water system. The community does all of the unskilled labor.
  • To help these communities derive maximum benefits from safe water through higher standards of hygiene. We do this by providing the materials for high-quality outhouses, or latrines, that families construct themselves.
  • To preserve and protect the watersheds that provide water to these communities.
  • To provide training and education to local people in all aspects of designing, building, and maintaining drinking water systems so that they can achieve autonomy in rural drinking water development.
  • To measure the impact of safe water and hygiene education on the health of infants and children.
  • To develop design tools and teaching methods for use by other groups involved in village water system construction.

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