Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Costly Bill Putting Our Economy and Rivers at Risk

Hydropower can be a source for clean, renewable energy. In the US, hydropower accounts for over 7% of total electric generation. If done right it is an important part of our nation’s energy mix. But the key lies in getting it right. When it’s done wrong, hydropower is far from clean. 

But Representative Hastings' bill is one of the most anti-environmental pieces of legislation introduced this Congress. It would jeopardize jobs, public safety, and the outdoor recreation industry that is so critical to communities all across the nation. 

This “Dangerous Dams Protection Act” would:
  • Harm rivers and wildlife and threaten public safety by prohibiting federal funds to be used to remove or study the removal of any hydropower dam – even unsafe dams that the dam owner and the local community want to remove.

  • Slow job growth and hurt businesses by bringing river restoration to a screeching halt and stopping growth in commercial and recreational fishing.
  • Create an expensive new subsidy that would not only allow private groups to build new dams, whether or not they are in the public interest, but taxpayers would have to reimburse the full cost.
Take Action Today
Tell Congress to oppose this extreme bill that would halt river restoration in communities nationwide, harm rivers and wildlife, and hurt local economies.

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