Wednesday, June 13, 2012

WaterCredit in Kenya: Beth's Story

Mrs. Beth Muguru lives near Koimbi town, approximately 25 kilometers north of Muranga town where she engages in small scale farming. She took the steps necessary through her self help group to take out a WaterCredit loan to benefit her business and shared the benefits she's seen after the installation of her water storage tank. 

Mrs. Beth Muguru is a 60 year old widow living near Koimbi town, approximately 25 kilometers north of Muranga town. She is a primary school graduate, has six adult children (two sons, four daughters), ranging in age from 26 to 40 years old and all married. She lives with her youngest son and his family at her 3.5 acre farm.

Beth is a member of Mwangaza Koimbi Self Help Group. In March she applied for a water storage loan from’s partner, ECLOF Kenya. This Beth’s first WaterCredit loan and the tank was delivered and installed in April.

Beth engages in small scale farming. On her farm she grows coffee and macadamia nuts as cash crops, and maize, beans, potatoes, and bananas as food crops. She also keeps 2 dairy cows, goats, and poultry. Beth is assisted by her last born son and her husband on the farm.

According to Beth, the installation of the tank has provided her with the following benefits: (i) She no longer walks to the river to fetch water for domestic use and for her dairy animals approximately 0.5 kilometer away. (ii) She has more time to till her land and do other farm chores. (iii) Her social status has improved and she says she is “now envied by my peers and neighbors.” 

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