Saturday, July 21, 2012

Letterman Rants About Water Contamination, Blames Oil Industry

David Letterman on Wednesday went on a rant about whether the oil and gas industry is contaminating drinking water.

“They’re poisoning our drinking water and the EPA said: You know what? You no longer have to comply with EPA standards for stuff you put into the water. So The greedy oil and gas companies said: Great, let’s go crazy,” Letterman said.

“I’ve seen people set fire to their tap water,” he said. “So, from now on, vodka.”

The News has published a number of articles on concerns that hydraulic fracturing might contaminate drinking water. We’ve reported the authorities, environmental activists and industry officials can’t agree on what has caused contamination.

In Parker County, regulators concluded the methane in some water wells came from natural sources, not the drilling operation nearby. Of course, that’s no comfort to people who can light their taps on fire.

So, look, Letterman isn’t a scientist, and he doesn’t say where he gets his information. But, the fact that a late-night comedian goes on an emotional rant about a well completion technique tells me this: The oil and gas industry is in some deep, public relations, trouble. 

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