Friday, June 29, 2012

Real People, Real Stories About How Tar Sands Affects Us

Big Oil is pushing a web of pipelines from strip-mining of Canada's dirty and costly tar sands from under the Boreal forest. But people on the front lines are speaking out, taking a stand against dirty energy. We've captured their stories here to show how Keystone XL and other tar sands pipelines, as well as tar sands extraction and refining will have real impacts, on real people. Scroll your mouse over a starred section of the map and click on a point to bring up a particular story from the front lines.

Our Work

NRDC works with a coalition of partners in an effort to clean up existing tar sands operations, stop tar sands expansion and stop new proposed tar sands pipelines such as the Keystone XL project from Canada to Texas. This is part of a bigger effort to reduce our dependence on oil and move to cleaner forms of energy.

Voices Against Tar Sands from a Nebraska Landowner

Randy Thompson is a landowner from Nebraska who is fighting TransCanada's attempt to cross his land with the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. Randy says, "We didn't think a foreign corporation could actually have the power to come and take our land away from us. We're an agricultural state. If we don't have water, we're out of business." Watch for more on Randy's story.

Voices Against Tar Sands from a Texas Landowner and Welder

Mike Hathorn is a welder and Texas landowner who opposes the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, which would run directly through his land. After three years of negotiations against the pipeline, Mike was forced to settle because it was costing him too much in legal fees, saying "Big oil, big money. That's what we were up against." Watch for more on Mike's story.

Voices Against Tar Sands from a Business-owner in the Michigan Tar Sands Oil Spill Area

The tar sands oil spill near Marshall, Michigan closed down the business of Debra Miller and her husband for several months. Deb says, "That pipeline break put a million gallons into our river, changed our communities forever. What is that doing to our tax base and our public safety?" Watch for more on Deb's story.

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