Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Daily Show Uncovers Corporate Conspiracy -- And a Big Revolving Door -- Behind Simplot's Water Contamination

Daily Show, correspondent Aasif Mandvi uncovered “a real corporate conspiracy.” How else could the phosphate mining company Simplot contaminate Idaho’s water supply so bad that two-headed fish have evolved -- and get away with it!?

Mandvi’s hilarious, yet informative quest for truth ends at a revolving door, of course. The best moment, though, comes when Mandvi shows up at the Environmental Protection Agency dressed up like a two-headed fish (to find out how they could ignore one). They call Homeland Security on him.

Simplot's position of power has Mandvi fearing for his safety, and he determines he must make amends with the evil corporation to save his life. Watch the awesome segment below:

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