Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Canadian Water Summit

Since 2009, the Canadian Water Summit has served as a collaborative forum for leaders from diverse sectors to share insights and further a united mission: to build a sustainable water future for Canada.


The Water-Food-Energy Nexus: Strategies for Competitiveness

The 2012 Canadian Water Summit, hosted in Calgary, Alberta, will present opportunities for Canada to show its leadership within and across the energy, agricultural and municipal sectors.

As access to affordable and reliable supplies of water becomes a growing concern for the Canadian economy, the Summit will provide a timely window into innovation and smart water management opportunities that will drive competitiveness.

Who Should Attend
  • Business professionals and investors
  • Experts in water management and technology
  • Industry associations
  • Building practitioners
  • Municipalities
  • Policymakers
  • Lawyers
  • NGOs
  • Academics
  • Community representatives
  • Watershed groups
The Canadian Water Summit is a project of the Innovolve Group and part of our mission to help unlock Canada's potential for being a world leader in water expertise, management and innovation.

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