Friday, June 1, 2012

Angola: Clean Energy, Water Projects Provide Access to Technologies

The clean energy projects currently underway in the country, and coverage of the national "Water for All" programme have ensured the progress, well-being of people, productivity and access to environmental technologies, said Friday in Luanda, the Environment minister, Maria de Fátima Jardim.

Speaking on the motto of the 2nd edition of the International Fair on Environmental Technology "Sustainable Energy and Water for All", she pointed out the recovery projects of hydroelectric dams, wind farm in the province of Namibe, the deployment of solar panels in rural areas, distribution system of drinking water as measures that will impact positively on sustainable development.

Fátima Jardim, who spoke at the opening ceremony of the International Trade Fair for Environmental Technologies, involving 106 national and foreign exhibitors, said that joint efforts should be made to ensure that the initiatives linked to this branch are a reality in the sectors of the economy such as transportation, energy and water, industry, agriculture, forest and others, whose activity has an impact on nature.

Based on the development report for 2012, the government official noted that Africa has potential for "future we want", defending the need for States to assert themselves increasingly on productivity, access to water, interaction and the ability of Africans to consolidate their projects and programs to a shift in their economic growth.

"In this International Year of Sustainable Energy for All governments must be prepared to confirm the commitments to sustainability and development," the minister argued.
In the case of Angola, she said that firm steps continue to be given, ten years after the conquest of peace, a period that allowed the implementation of major activities of national and international recognition.

"Angola continues to reaffirm the commitments to sustainability endorsed by the world for over 20 years, especially those made with Agenda 21, consolidating the foundation for growth that delivers positive results even more visible and renovated," she added.
For her, the project "Water for All" and other investments made by the executive in the energy area are commitments that have already led the construction and reconstruction of a variety of social and economic infrastructures.

Within the "Water for All programme", has indicated that it may benefit by the end of this year 3,6 million citizens, a number that also has an impact on preserving the environment.
In this second edition of the International Fair of Environment, the official augurs that in addition to statements that are made, enabling the promotion and public awareness and debate on energy issues about sustainability.

This time, she reiterated the willingness of its sector in collaboration with the intentions of promoting the implementation of new environmental technologies and best practices in Angola.

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