Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mark Boslough to Heartland: Stop Using 'The Robinson Ruse' to Hide the Temperature Incline

Mark Boslough, one of the smartest guys in the room when it comes to atmospheric (or  any kind of) physics and the like, recently posted over at Climate Progress and Skeptical Science regarding misuse of SST data, apparently dating back to a paper by Dr. Arthur B. Robinson et al.The term 'The Robinson Ruse' is mine, not Boslough's. 

This misuse has been propagated throughout the global warming skeptics' community for about 15 years.  

Boslough is simply trying to get an answer/admission from Robinson but has not been successful. Boslough wanted to present his analysis of the Robinson et al. work at a recent Heartland Institute conference but was denied but was  not allowed to do so. So he posted it. 

Robinson lives up in my neck of the woods. According to his Wikipedia entry he has a BS in chemistry from Caltech (from where Boslough received his PhD), a PhD from UC-San Diego, and is the founder of the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine (OISM). Robinson ran for Congress in my Fourth District in 2010 and will run again as a Republican this year, both times against Rep. Peter Defazio (D-OR).

By Michael E. Campana on his blog WaterWired

Two Comments left on YouTube

The Art Robinson playbook:
1. Do not allow interviewer to complete a question.
2. Do not answer her questions
3. Talk over interviewer as much as possible
4. Repeatedly accuse interviewer of "lying" and "smearing" no matter what the question is.
5. Undermine the question itself.
6. Deflect attention to where you want it to go.
7. Be a condescending prick.
adamsfall 1 year ago

This guy...wow! If he doens't win this election he could get a job on FOX.
suvariboy 1 year ago 

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