Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Discourage the Consumption of Bottled Water

We need to raise the awareness about the negative effects concerning the production, manufacture, sale and consumption of bottled drinking water, and implement more eco-friendly solutions in your home, office and school.

Bottled water has come to be a fad in America: an estimated 8 billion gallons of water were bottled in 2006. But what’s the big deal with bottled water? Why do so many people continue to support the manufacture of bottled water, and why shouldn’t they?

To begin with, bottled water fuels a sort of eco-animosity. It is by no means a good thing that “30 billion water bottles end up as garbage or litter each year.” Considering that it takes the average plastic bottle 1,000 years to decompose, we most definitely do not want these bottles just lying around.  Besides, it takes 3 times the amount of water produced to actually produce bottled water: not very eco-friendly. Transportation issues play a role as well since we cannot get bottled water simply in our homes the same way that we can tap water. The transportation of bottled water also negatively affects our environment, and it was estimated that it took a near 17 million barrels worth of oil to transport all bottled water in 2006.
Ironically, bottled water is marketed as safer and more cleanly than tap water. In truth, the 

Environmental Protection Agency is stricter in its regulations of tap water than the Food and Drug Administration is about regulating bottled water. The Sierra Club reveals that numerous gallons of water checked in the year 2000 were found to have trace amounts of bisphenol A. 

This chemical is known to disrupt the endocrine, or hormone regulating, system in the body, and is also linked with the development of numerous cancers, neurological diseases, and reproductive disorders.

So why do Americans continue to feed into a system that attempts to privatize and hold ownership over a public, human commodity? Perhaps it is habit or misinformation, but either way, the truth must be spread concerning bottled water. Share this information with family, friends, co-workers and your local schools. Take action yourself, and urge leaders of your community to participate in this effort.

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