Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Salmon Water Now: Myth or Fact?

Bruce Tokars of Salmon Water Now has released the latest video, “Myth or Fact? Westlands & Reality” (3:01), covering the bizarre reality of the California Water Wars – and the deceptive campaign by corporate agribusiness, southern California water agencies and the Brown and Obama administrations to build the peripheral canal.

This video, as have many of Tokars’ productions, focuses on Westlands Water District, considered the “Darth Vader” of water politics by Delta advocates. Westlands has waged a relentless legal and political campaign over the years to strip protections for endangered Central Valley salmon, Delta smelt and other species. The district irrigates land laced with selenium and other toxic salts and minerals that should have never been put into agricultural production.

This video features Jason Peltier, General Manager of Westlands Water District, speaking at the hearing on the Bay Delta Conservation Plan hearing convened by Senator Fran Pavley on March 13. Tokars captures revealing footage of Senator Lois Wolk asking Peltier if Westlands would accept a stipulation that water delivered under the BDCP would go only to continued agricultural production – and Peltier’s response.

“In California’s epic struggle to pull salmon from the edge of extinction, nothing is more important than shining light on absurdities presented as facts,” explained Tokars. “So once again, that light is aimed at the Westlands Water District.”

“It’s funny how sometimes the ‘truth’ is something that just sort of pops up,” according to Tokars. “And when facts become uncomfortable, they become a little window on the truth.”

“Westlands lust for a peripheral canal drove them to raise $50-million in tax-free bonds,” noted Tokars. “For security, they pledged water that is actually owned by the public. Then, they promised in writing that they would sell the water to California’s cities and towns to repay the loan.”

Written by Dan Bacher@AlterNet.org

“Westlands seems to think it’s OK to sidestep the truth, even when asked in a Senate hearing,” Tokars included. “Truth and honesty: Two traits that Westlands seem to have in short supply.”

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