Sunday, March 25, 2012

Where to Find Studies Disproving Climate Change?

This is a very interesting question posted on Yahoo Answers. I am constantly searching for any scientific evidence that disproves climate change. But I've yet to find any such evidence. Yes there are doubters. But doubting climate change for political, or economic reasons proves nothing. All the articles I have read disputing climate change are flawed, and lack sound scientific evidence.

I thought this response, by Baccheus on Yahoo Answers was worth repeating;

There are none that disprove climate change. And the videos that this guy Maxx tries to give you are fraudulent garbage.

There have been a few that conclude less global warming than most climate scientists think. There was this one last year from Roy Spencer. He went to a non-climate/environmental journal because he believed related journals would not publish it. After publishing, the editor of Remote Sensing admitted he was not familiar with the subject and had not done well in choosing reviewers; he then resigned. The paper has had little impact as climate scientists see it as an absurd exercise in curve fitting, but it is peered reviewed and published in a science journal.

Richard Lindzen has published papers concluding that climate is less sensitive to CO2 than most climate scientists believe.…

Svensmark and Friis Christensen have published a paper concluding a correlation between solar activity and temperature via gamma rays. This correlation had also been published by Willie Soon. The Svensmark and Friis Christensen paper was rebutted by Mike Lockwood and others because the correlation does not hold for the past 40 years, temperatures and solar activity are going in opposite directions. Svensmark and Friis Christensen responded that the correlation does indeed hold when they incorporate a linear warming trend of 0.14 degrees per decade -- in other words, they accept as fact that there is global warming unrelated to solar activity of 0.14 degrees per decade. But Spencer's satellite database shows that the totality of warming over the past 36 years as been 0.14 degrees per decade, so after the arguing with Lockwood et al, Svensmark finally admitted that while solar activity may have some very small effect on earth temperature, the net effect over the past four decades has been zero; it accounts for none of the observed warming.

Here is Svensmark's response to Lockwood.…

Another suggestion is to use Google Scholar and search on "Climate". You can then browse published papers to see what is interesting and is what you are looking for.…

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