Friday, March 30, 2012

Water Charity Brings Solace to the Thirsty

Every good act is charity. After all, a man’s true wealth is measured by the good work that he does for his fellow beings. As summer is becoming more and more belligerent, generous people are coming out to help people quench the thirst of those who can’t afford or don’t want to spend money on branded soft drinks.

Several hundred water stalls are coming up in many areas of the City. Most of them are arranged by rich and not-so-rich who believe giving a glass of water to a thirsty is the noblest act a man can do.

“I usually open my stall in April, but this year the summer heat made me start the stall in March itself. My father was a social worker, he was into charity. I am just carrying forwarding his works. We store pure water in earthen pots as it cools the water naturally and helps in quenching people’s thirst,” said, Manish Agarwal who works his stall at Masab Tank.

Despite the presence of several rows of cut fruits and chilled juice stalls near the station premises, a majority of the commuters prefer to drink water supplied in these stalls, worked by volunteers. Seemingly, nothing can beat cool water. “The earthen pot water gives solace to you. The best thing is you don’t need to spend money and can drink how much you want,” said Sainath Kumar, who had installed his near Nampally station.

“More than 300 to 400 people drink water from my stall on a single day. I have five volunteers who pour water for the visitors. Whenever there is a scarcity I call a water tanker. I have been doing this from last two years. I believe in charity and nothing else can be better than serving a glass of water to thirsty people. Many people come to my stall and offer me some money for my deeds but I prefer taking their blessings. Many a times, railway or bus passengers fill water in their bottles for their journeys,” he adds.

It is not only the people of the city, but NGOs and other communities have voluntarily taken up this initiative to help people reeling under the summer heat.

Written by Anubha Kumari

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