Thursday, March 15, 2012

Clean Water Brings Happiness to Nadina

Nandujja Nadina is a 30-year-old mother of two in Uganda. She used to struggle to make enough money and secure enough water for her family. But when she heard about a water project coming to her village, she jumped on the chance to own and operate the business, help her community have clean, affordable safe water, and make a better life for herself.

Thirty year old Nandujja Nadina is a single mother of two in Uganda. She used to make a living from various jobs like selling fire wood, operating a mobile beauty salon, and tailoring. But these strenuous activities took a toll on her health. She only earned about 68,000 schillings [$24 USD] a month, which was not enough to support her family and to meet their medical bills.

"Before, we faced huge water challenges." Those who operated commercial water taps sold a jerry can of water at 600 schillings [$.21 USD]. It would become much more expensive during the dry seasons, and the line of people waiting to get water was extremely long. Sometimes my family and I would spend a night without water or use the little water we had to last us a few days. I recall one day when the children and I woke up at 3:00 a.m., thinking that we would easily collect water and not find people at the source. But the line was so long that energetic young boys were fighting with the weaker people in the line, and overtaking them, just to secure water.

When I learned about the water project coming to my community, I expressed interested in offering my small piece of land for the construction of the new *water kiosk. The mere mentioning of the word "water" meant so much to me because of the struggle I had been enduring to procure it.
My site was selected and today, I am a very happy woman! My water kiosk business has attracted many customers, and as a result of my good customer-care services, I receive an average of 80 customers per day. This number becomes even larger during the dry seasons. However, I can meet my customer•s demand because of the tank reservoir that is connected to my kiosk.

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