Saturday, February 25, 2012

Natural Methods to Keep Narmada River Healthy

With an aim to keep the Narmada pollution-free, the Narmada Valley Development Authority (NVDA) in Madhya Pradesh has decided to undertake a novel bio-health monitoring programme to identify pollutants in the river and keep it healthy by introducing ‘Benthic invertebrates’ in it.

“This concept is based on the age-old practice of introducing Benthic invertebrate populations which were earlier found in plenty in healthy rivers, but these days due to growing pollution, have become rare,” NVDA Vice-Chairman, Mr O. P. Rawat, told PTI today.

MP is the first State in the country to adopt this natural way of keeping rivers healthy, he said.

Benthic invertebrates are species that eat and convert pollutants present in the rivers into healthy food for fishes and other aquatic animals, thus helping to keep the river healthy in a natural manner, he explained.

After conducting a bio-analysis of the pollutants present in the Narmada river, efforts would be made to revive the Benthic invertebrate population in the river, especially at trouble spots, Mr Rawat said.

The bio-health monitoring system has been developed on the lines of research and studies made on the health of rivers in Canada, Australia, France, the US and other countries, by setting up on-the-spot lab studies, he said.

A similar system will be introduced in the Narmada river and according to preliminary estimates, Rs 100 crore will be spent on the monitoring project, Mr Rawat added.

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