Friday, January 20, 2012

I hope you have noticed the 2 new tabs ( Give to Nonprofits & H2O Organizations) on the blog today. After a conversation with Hallie Tamez of WaterAid I realized I had been ignoring reporting about one of the blogs most important topics. The water shortages, and lack of proper sanitation, in many parts of the world. The daily chore, for many people, to get potable water on  a daily basis. The very important work being done by NGOs (non-governmental organization ) around the world to help alleviate this situation. 

I plan to post many of the success stories from these vital organizations. 

I hope you will visit the tab. Read about the different NGOs. Chose one, or more, and help by donating to them. I know it is hard times in the US now, but we can all spare at least $5 a month to help in their valuable work. But I suggest a bit of caution. I have not thoroughly checked out each NGO. So exercise due diligence by checking out each before making any donation. You want to know that the bulk of the money spent is on the cause you support and not largely on operating expenses.  

The tab "H2O Organizations" is a list of other organizations working on water and sanitation issues in multiple countries around the world. You'll find some very informative information here about the issues involved.

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