Tuesday, January 24, 2012

10 Water-Saving or Water-Cleaning Technologies.. & Your Chance to Do Something! By Zachary Shahan

This post is CleanTechnica’s contribution to Important Media’s celebration of World Water Week.

While most of the technologies we write on here on CleanTechnica – solar power, wind power, energy efficiency, and clean transportation technologies – are focused on addressing our climate and energy crises, another critical crisis facing the world today is the water crisis.
The clean technologies above do actually go a long way in helping us address the water crisis, but there are others out there focused solely on that goal. Here are 10 water-saving and water-cleaning technologies we’ve written about so far:
  1. Wind Power Turbines (yes, general old wind turbines – they are the least water-needy electricity generator out there)
  2. Solar PV Panels (not far behind wind turbines, and far ahead of almost every other power option)
  3. Fuel cells out of the University of Colorado that desalinate water, treat water, AND produce electricity… using microbes.
  4. Minced banana peals.. seriously. They can clean polluted water, removing such metals as lead and copper. (OK, not technology, per say, but worthy of inclusion here.)
  5. The Groasis Waterboxx, a device create by Dutch inventor and lily grower Pieter Hoff that uses biomimicry to create dew.
  6. Wastewater Compliance Systems’ igloo-shaped water treatment device, expected to save small communities millions of dollars and allow them to provide clean water to more people.
  7. Silver nanowires on cotton layered with carbon nanotubes developed by Stanford scientists that kill up to 98% of E. coli bacteria in water without the use of chlorine.
  8. Glass that swells and soaks up pollutants, but not water, like a sponge, developed by scientists at the College of Wooster.
  9. Portable solar desalination machine created by MIT engineers – good for disaster-stricken areas or people living in remote locations.
  10. And… smart fire hydrants that conserve a ton of water.

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