Sunday, December 18, 2011

Global Water Shortage Imminent Warn Experts by Nawara Fattahova

World experts warned of looming water shortage around the world in the near future. According to some reports published about water usage, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia were on the top of the list of the countries which wasted water the most in the world. Different experts also agreed that the countries which depend on desalinated water waste it the most, considering the usage is more than 500 liters of water per person. While some people are aware of their high usage of water, others are more oblivious
and think it's normal, as the cost of water is low.

The Ministry of Electricity and Water previously held many awareness campaigns to educate people of the negative effects of wasting water. Since the campaign is not active any more, people may have forgotten the message. Some people compare the cost of water back in their country and find it cheap here, so they don't pay much attention to the issue.

I don't think enough attention is placed on this issue, because the country doesn't make a big deal about it and it doesn't enter my consciousness. There are three of us at home and we consume a large quantity of water every day. Back in Canada, we were more careful regarding water wastage and wouldn't allow the tap to run during brushing and took quick showers since the water in the boiler was limited," stated Sarah, a 23-year-old Canadian.

According to Sarah, awareness is the key to saving water. "From a young age, we were taught to conserve water and energy. After staying here, I haven't been really paying attention to the amount of water I use. There has to be more awareness in the country to inform people how expensive it is to desalinate water. I don't think people know how much energy it takes to have clean water. We use faucets at home, which are installed to conserve water; if we have more of these in Kuwait, it would save water," she


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