Thursday, October 4, 2012

Anti-Water Privatisation Group Warns of Protests in November

New Delhi: The fight against privatization of water is expected to pick up pace in the coming days. The water privatization-commercialization resistance committee has warned of a massive mass movement in the coming month against DJB's pilot public private partnership project of water distribution in three areas, starting with Malviya Nagar.
Retired Justice Rajinder Sachar said that a protest at Jantar Mantar was on the cards and the team had been rallying to get public support on the issue. "We have been asking the government to explain to us the terms of contract between it and the private party but have not received any response from them. We are also trying to seek an appointment with the chief minister but have not been able to meet her yet. We have studied the model that Delhi Jal Board has suggested and have several problems with it. Why can't they address these problems and why are they going about privatization in such a surreptitious manner. I will be writing to the CM and asking her to address our concerns," he said.
Anil Nauriya, president of the committee said that they wanted a public debate so that concerned residents would be able to make an informed decision regarding the 24x7 water supply model. "Based on the information we have, 24x7 water supply is only to be ensured till the entry point of each district metered areas. Beyond this there are no controls on which individual unit gets how much water. At present, water tariff increases by 10% each year but what is the rationale behind it. What happens when there are improvements in the system and the efficiency increases. Would this tariff increase still apply. There are several points on which there is no clarity. The government should be prepared for a massive movement within the next month," he said.

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