Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Singer Smokey Robinson Raises Awareness for Clean Water Charity

Singer and songwriter Smokey Robinson is lending his voice to a very important cause in the hopes of helping millions of people around the world. This morning, Robinson joins “Starting Point” to discuss his new clean water charity that he has formed with President Bill Clinton. The partnership was announced on Sunday, as part of the opening session of the Clinton Global Initiative.
Robinson says he and his friends formed “Smoke Alarm” in order to address issues people around the world have and “they’re in position to do nothing about.” The songwriter adds he then says he contacted his friend – Bill Clinton to aid him with his new initiative.
Robinson says “Smoke Alarm” is a “social media thing.” “Rather than me calling on some of my friends in the entertainment business” to do a benefit concert, “it’s very simple. All they have to do is tweet. They tweet to their partners… and its snowballs,” says Robinson.
Some of Robinson’s entertainment business friends who have been helping spread the message are Elton John, Brandy, Eva Longoria and Hillary Duff.
When asked why he chose to front a clean water charity, Robinson replies, “because water is the source of life for everything. There’s nothing alive on earth that does not need water.” Robinson adds, “There are many places in the world where people don’t have clean water…so we thought that would be a good starting point.”

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