Friday, August 31, 2012

We've Lost our Minds, Bottled-Water Division

At some point in America, we permanently lost our minds. This is an indisputable fact. If I had to pinpoint the exact moment we all lost our minds, I’d place it in, oh, let’s say 1988, when people started buying bottled water.
I’m not talking about mineral water, which was always available, or even Perrier, to which I was briefly addicted in the late ’70s. I’m talking about regular, ordinary, no-special-properties water — except in bottles. It’s pretty well known by now that often the bottled water we drink is ordinary municipal water, which is readily available free. Except we pay for it.
Consider the water fountain. There is probably one, or several, in your office building. And I bet pretty much no one uses it. We’ve been conditioned to think that water fountains (still called “bubblers” by some in New England) are somehow unsanitary or gross. I bet kids never use them these days.
Every study pretty much everywhere says municipal water is fine. Sure, there’s probably a bit too much random Prozac in it, but not in serious amounts. That water fountain by the elevator is fine. Yet I bet your office refrigerator is stocked with bottled water. I also bet that hardly anybody recycles those plastic water. So you’re paying for something that’s free AND damaging the environment. Win/win.
We’ve lost our minds.

By Kyrie O'

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