Saturday, July 7, 2012

"The Sky Is Pink": Josh Fox's Takes on Industry Lies and Media Spin on Gas Drilling

The Oscar-nominated director of Gasland, Josh Fox, released a new 18-minute video that takes his critics to task and issues a call to action on fracking. The Sky Is Pink packs a ton of information into 18 minutes. The film debunks industry lies, like those promoted by former PA governor and Homeland Security chief Tom Ridge, now a gas industry lobbyist.

Fox details the "wholesale industrialization" of communities that occurs with fracking and the many risks, not just from polluted water. But don't just take Fox's word for it -- the film also reveals leaked industry documents that shows that industry does in fact know just how risky their business really is. And if this all sounds very reminiscent of Big Tobacco swearing their product is safe even when they know it's not -- well, that's because the fracking industry has hired the same PR firm.

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