Friday, July 20, 2012

Beautiful Free Posters: Water Cycle and Pollinators

I keep writing about how much planning I’m doing behind the scenes.  One of the units we’ll be doing this year is on water. As I was searching through various resources I came across this really beautiful poster of the Water Cycle. We will hang this and the one below in our homeschool room.  I just wanted to share these links in case anyone else might find it useful for their homeschool room or classroom at school.
You can request your own free poster/s from the US Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service. It took just a few days for ours to arrive. I’ll let you see the poster below and will place the link below that.
Water Cycle Poster

               Click here to order your free copy of the Water Cycle Poster.

A year or so ago, Brenda over at Homeschool Bits told everyone about a World of Pollinators poster.  The 2012 pollinators poster is now out. It’s called Pollinator Pathways. It is also offered by the Natural Resources Conservation Service.

Click here for your free Pollinator Pathways poster.

If you want more information about pollinators, you might be interested in this Pollinator Information Pack. It’s a pdf download which explains why pollinators are so important since they are crucial to the production of fruit, nuts, berries and more.

A very generous offer from Parents Magazine

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