Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summit for Sustainability in Africa


For the foreseeable future, development in Africa will be based on improving agricultural production and generating sustainable revenue from non-renewable natural resources such as minerals and oil and renewable natural resources such as forests and water. In order for this to be truly sustainable, especially under climate change, countries and their investment partners must be able to integrate the value of natural capital in their development plans.

The goal of the Summit for Sustainability in Africa is to demonstrate how African nations and their investment partners understand, manage and value natural capital. We will be taking a practical, results-focused approach that will put the African nations in the driving seat and help investment partners bring support in a coordinated and coherent fashion.

First we will look at the relevance of natural capital management to development in Africa — what challenges we face and the opportunities that exist. Then we will highlight how these challenges are being viewed and addressed through partnerships between the private sector, governments and the public sector, creating a new momentum for change in development. We will then examine how we can bring these demonstrations to scale, using the momentum generated by field experience and new ideas to build increased resilience and sustainability.

We envisage that the Summit will initiate a dialogue which will stimulate new and unexpected collaborations, built from solid field experience and extended to new audiences and partners. These partnerships will be further consolidated at such milestone events as the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio +20) in June and the UN General Assembly in September.

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