Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New State-Owned Company to Provide Bottled Water to Dry Areas of Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan government plans to establish a new state-owned company to provide bottled water to the areas of the country where safe drinking water is scarce or not available.

The cabinet of ministers has granted approval to a proposal brought by the Minister of Water Supply and Drainage Dinesh Gunawardena to establish a subsidiary company, fully owned by the National Water Supply and Drainage Board to carry the production and distribution of bottled and containerized safe water.

There have been Increasing reports of serious health problems such as chronic kidney disease resulting from unsafe drinking water in Sri Lanka in areas where the safe drinking water is not available, especially in North Central Province.

A UN report says that at present, out of the 25 districts in the country, more than 15 districts are seriously affected by lack of potable water.

Although the National Water Supply and Drainage Board has been established to manage and deliver water resources to the public, it is evidently not functioning effectively in the majority of the country as yet, the UN report says.

A pilot project initiated by the National Water Supply and Drainage Board to provide potable water for drinking and cooking purposes in the form of bulk bottled form has been a success, the government says.


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