Saturday, June 23, 2012

Danger Drinking From Garden Hose

There's a killer lurking around in our yards...or, so that’s what some lab coats want us to think!

Research found drinking water from a garden hose can be dangerous to your health. The website released a new study that tested about 90 common hoses and found the water in them chock full of toxic materials that can hurt you, big time!

The test data showed BPA's found in the hoses water were 20 times the drinking water standard and phthalates were 4 times the water standards. Lead was also found with levels 18 times what is permitted in drinking water.

So, never drink from a hose unless it's labeled lead free or drinking water safe and anytime you use a hose, you should flush out all the water before using it. But most importantly, don't let water sit inside the hose in the sun.

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