Thursday, May 10, 2012

Drinking Water Week

Do you ever stop to think about how it gets there and where it goes when you're finished with it? BC Water & Waste Association and the Province of BC have proclaimed Drinking Water Week from May 13 - 19, 2012. We invite you to celebrate this exciting week by taking time to learn more about your water and how you can protect and conserve it.

Here in BC we often take our drinking water for granted, but it's a finite resource - there is no such thing as 'new' water! Although the expenses may not be apparent, significant costs and energy are required to treat our drinking water to be clean and safe, deliver it to our taps, and manage the wastewater that goes down the drain. The demand for water is also increasing due to population growth, industry needs and climate change.


Our water in BC is of the highest quality - let’s celebrate it!

British Columbia's natural resources combined with its dedicated water and wastewater professionals allow us to enjoy high quality drinking water that is clean and safe.

To help raise awareness of our water, our water systems, and the many people who make it accessible for us, we have created a variety of educational activities and resources. We invite you to use these resources and pass them along to others. Many communities will also be holding tours of their local watersheds and treatment plants, and we encourage you to take the time to visit them. During Drinking Water Week 2012, we challenge you to 'Get to Know Your H2O!' View a full listing of events.

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