Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ghana & Togo In Water Deal

Ghana and Togo have signed a joint agreement to kick start a 40 year-old project to draw water from the West African country's Volta River to supply the Togolese capital Lome.

The Sogakope-Lome Trans-Boundary Water Supply project, first mooted in the 1970s, will involve the construction of a treatment plant in Ghana.

Ghana's minister for Water Enoch Teye Mensah and his Togolese counterpart General Zakari Nandja of Togo signed the agreement at Sogakope in the Volta Region.

The two neigbours have asked the African Development Bank to bankroll the ambitious project whose cost was estimated at $119 million in 2003.

But details modalities for the management of the plant are still being workout through a Public Private Partnership Agreement (PPP) arrangement.

All towns and villages along the pipeline will get treated water from the projects as well.

"It is a project that has brought into fruition the political will and commitment of both countries to integrate our respective economies," Mensah said.

He said the project will help improve the health status and standard of living for people in both countries.

"The project is also one of the pillars for implementing the strategy of socio-political and economic integration using the ECOWAS (Economic Community for West African States) protocols and the cooperation agreement of the Volta Basin Authority of which the two countries are members," Mensah added.

Nandja, said having water in sufficient quantities was not a luxury but a fundamental right.
He described the agreement as a translation of the two countries' commitment to foster strong cooperation and peace.

"Already we are enjoying energy supply from Ghana so this project also goes to show our strong cooperation," he said

When completed, the project will produce between 40 and 70 million gallons of water a day.

By Lawrence Quartey@The Africa Report

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