Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Fracking Mess! Methane Contamination Found in Fracking Town's Water Supply by Tamar Auber

According to a report published today on ProPublica, last week’s Environmental Protection Agency announcement that the water in the fracking town of Dimock is safe may only tell part of the story.  Methane and cancer causing agents were also found in the ‘safe’ water in Dimock, according to the EPA's own test results.

Dimock, Pennsylvania, a small town that is embroiled in the east coast’s first real test of fracking and water contamination, has had serious concerns over its water supply after fracking began in the region.  Kim Grosso told the Huffington Post in a March 5th report, that she grew concerned for the water supply when even her dogs and cats refused to drink the water. Many, like Grosso, no longer rely on water from their own wells.

Yet the problem is not limited to Dimock or Pennsylvania. Fracking has led to water concerns in Wyoming and other states. Currently a hot button issue, if fracking commenced in New York, a move many advocates link to improved job outlooks with manageable risks, it would lead to contamination of water supplies in New York City and other nearby population centers as well as the towns were the fracking occured. The group No Fracking published the following dire warnings on its web site on March 20th:
Drilling in New York State could affect you, NYC! And you, Philly! And you, New Jersey! Much of the interest in exploration lies in the Delaware River Basin in NE Pennsylvania and NY State's Southern Tier, as well as the Catskills region, areas that supply your water. Water, water everywhere...

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